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About the Initiative

Not just a phrase, but an emotion, ‘Phirey Esho Kolkata’ translates to ‘come back to Kolkata’, laden with nostalgia.

Taking from the common adage, “You can take a Kolkatan away from Kolkata, but you cannot take Kolkata away from a Kolkatan,” Phirey Esho Kolkata creates an emotional connection with people passionate about the city – the people who decided to stay back, even as they saw loved ones, colleagues, and acquaintances migrate for greener pastures.

Through the pages of The Times of India, the Kolkatan locals celebrate the city’s resurgence– new IT hubs, global retail stores, and improved infrastructure with flyovers, LED-street lighting, and electric buses, evoking positive emotion about the cultural capital of India.

With ‘Phirey Esho Kolkata’, The Times of India has given a voice and expression to what Kolkatans feel about their city and a yearning for loved ones who had left, asking them to return to their home.

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